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“ThinkTank is one of our favorite events of the year. It’s a great opportunity to make new connections and strengthen relationships with our existing partners. The event includes a balance of networking opportunities, relevant informational sessions and fun. ThinkTank is always productive and memorable and we look forward to attending again!”

Nancy Boryczka and Sam Greeder, Deluxe

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“We attended ThinkTank for the first time in 2018. It was packed full of great talks and opportunities to make new contacts. The quality of the presentations were excellent and informative and the 15-minute meet ups were a great way to make the most of the time there. We were able to do as much business over the main ThinkTank day versus the three days it takes to cover at a conventional show. By condensing everything, we really came away very positive about all we achieved in this short time.”

Mike van Geldorp, Monotote