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These small focus groups are the perfect chance for intimate discussions with industry experts and other attendees. With numerous topics to chose from, our roundtables enable attendees to contribute on shared concerns or questions and to generate actionable takeaways. Periodically, everyone will be encouraged to rotate to a new table, allowing for more items to be covered and for fresh input on the conversations.


For advertisers

+ The secret influencer marketing opportunities of Twitch TV
   Host: James Thompson of Bottlespark

Examine the hidden affiliate marketing opportunities of Twitch TV and the benefits from these affiliate partnerships.

+ Maximizing your publisher recruitment & development efforts
   Host: Kristina Nolan of DMI Partners

Let's discuss educating publisher's on your brand, flow of communications between both parties, and 'closing the loop' for maximum affiliate activity.

+ Online to offline: A major growth opportunity
   Host: Jonathan Treiber of RevTrax

Nearly 90% of retail sales in the US occur in physical brick-and-mortar stores, with the vast majority of these sales being web-influenced. Affiliate marketing has only scratched the surface of its full potential by historically being limited to ecommerce purchases. This roundtable covers the current state of in-store affiliate marketing and what advertisers and publishers are doing to support the growth of this valuable channel to drive in-store sales. You’ll learn how solutions like card-linked offers, coupons and rebates are being used to drive more revenue for all stakeholders involved.

+ Realtime personalization
   Host: Jim Harriman of RevLifter

Personalization in digital marketing has become, and continues to develop into, one of the most desired strategies companies deploy to drive incremental sales, increase conversion rates, and improve customer experience (to name a few things). Let's discuss how and why personalization is an effective tool for marketers but also why effective and consistent personalized marketing can increase a customers brand loyalty and drive more value for all parties involved.

Discover the benefits of having an influencer marketing strategy and how to take your brand's activity to the next level.

+ Affiliate manager workflow hacks
   Host: Dustin Howes of Coalition Marketing

Affiliate managers have hundreds of little tasks each day. All of these add up quickly and managers are often left wondering where the time went. This roundtable will focus on tools you can use to save time throughout the day and get those tasks done fast.

+ Grow your affiliate revenue with in-app tracking
   Host: Chris Rueckert of ShareASale

Gain insight in to in-app consumer shopping behavior to learn how to translate this to your affiliate program.

For publishers

+ Everything you've wanted to know about ShareASale datafeeds
   Host: Eric Nagel

Uncover what datafeeds are, where to find them within the ShareASale interface, and how you can use them to provide a high-quality experience for your visitors.

+ Utilizing your affiliate manager to achieve your marketing goals
   Host: Christen Evans of Apogee

Discover how your account manager is the best tool in your affiliate marketing "toolkit' to help achieve your performance marketing objectives and KPIs.

+ Effectively using live video to promote your affiliate activity
   Host: Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom, LLC

Discover how to engage your followers, increase conversions, and significantly increase your affiliate earnings through the power of live video (IG stories, Facebook Live, IG live, and IGTV).

+ Creating physical & online products to compliment your blog
   Host: Kristi Trimmer of Alaska Wild & Free

Learn more about the different physical and online products that content creators can create to go hand-in-hand with their blog writing. Everything from stickers, to digital downloads, e-books, and apparel.

+ Freelancing to drive your affiliate revenue and supplement your own income
   Host: Jason Steele of CardCon and The Steele Team

There's an entire world of freelance contributors that can help your site increase it's affiliate revenue, including content creators, SEO and SEM specialists, and affiliate managers. Yet you can also diversify your own income by offering your own services to others. This roundtable will guide you though the incredible opportunities to harness freelance talent, and even become a freelancer yourself at the same time.

For advertisers + publishers

+ AI for basket revenue
   Host: Sri Sharma of Increasingly

There’s no denying the rapid adoption of AI and machine learning in performance marketing. Learn how AI technology can drive the your business revenue forward.

Examine the legal minefields of affiliate marketing and digital advertising, getting critical updates on online marketing law including the CCPA, GDPR, FTC regulations and more.

+ Ask the experts: Q&A with the Performance Marketing Association
   Host: Rachel Honoway of the Performance Marketing Association

Is there something you've wanted to ask the Performance Marketing Association about the affiliate industry, the PMA annual report, etc., but never had the chance? Join PMA President of the Board of Directors Rachel Honoway's open forum and get your answer.

+ The emergence & importance of Editorial in the affiliate industry
   Host: Jacqueline Wladis of Condé Nast

As the 21st century heralds the decline of print and the emergence of digital in the world of traditional mass media, more publishing powerhouses are looking to affiliate as a newly legitimized source of revenue for their companies. Once print focused, now digital editors are seeing the literal monetary value of their recommendation and looking to put dollar signs against their work. How do we ensure that these top-of-funnel content publishers are properly compensated for the brand value of their recommendation while staying within the parameters of a mutually beneficial performance partnership? Let's discuss how to grow our programs from both sides of the world wide web.

+ Reducing friction in affiliate relationships
   Host: Brook Schaaf of FMTC

They say there's no such thing as an efficient human relationship. Affiliate marketing is relationship based, so it's time intensive. What approaches to affiliate marketing will reduce inherent frictions so more opportunities can be engaged? Join this roundtable to learn more.

+ How advertisers and publishers can work together in a global or multi-regional    program
   Host: Matt Wool of Acceleration Partners

This roundtable with discuss the best ways for advertisers to structure the affiliate program, the best ways for publishers to work with programs that are going global and overall how to handle market differences.

+ Help us help you
   Host: Sarah Beeskow Blay of ShareASale

This is your chance to ask your most difficult questions, and voice your comments, concerns, and ideas to improve your experience on ShareASale.

+ GDPR 101
   Host: Kevin Edwards of Awin

Get a crash course in GDPR and how it fits into the affiliate landscape from Awin's Group Strategy Director Kevin Edwards.

+ Additional ways to get exposure on the network
   Hosts: Erica Grabijas and Samantha Sherer of the Awin US Group

Join the US marketing team to learn about the additional exposure opportunities available to clients across Awin and ShareASale, including inclusion in our Lookbook and gift guides, guest authoring blog posts, sponsorships, and more!

+ Awin Genius Bar: Effectively using the interface
   Hosts: Chris Floccare and Kim Casazza of Awin

Join Awin's advertiser and publisher management teams for a refresher on network best practices and using the interface.

+ ShareASale Genius Bar: Effectively using the interface
   Hosts: Abby Schaller and Evan Metz of ShareASale

Join ShareASale's client success and publisher management teams for a refresher on network best practices and using the interface.

Earlier Event: June 5
Session 4: Industry Insights Panel
Later Event: June 5
1:1 partner meetings